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kiosk profiles via debian-edu-artwork


While working a bit on the debian-edu packages and looking on our roadmap I 
saw the "we need an eye-candy desktop" point again.
Well fellowers now we have the debian-edu-artwork package. Currently it gives 
us a nice bootsplash and a kdm theme, so I guess it is time to add some nice 
kiosk profiles. My dream would be to have different profiles for the 
different school types. I guess the question of how we can change them via an 
admin frontend can be answered later, but for now i would like to have them 
in the debian-edu-artwork package. As far as I know there are always some 
kiosk profiles, but not yet in the main branch, so I encourage you to add 
them to the debian-edu-artwork package. I will try to make a small beginning, 
but I don't have the resources here to test it in an appropiate manner (well 
feel free to send me some laptops for free if you want ;) ). Please feel free 
to ask me about that on #debian-edu and try to get the stuff into the 
debian-edu-artwork package.

Cheers and greetings from down under

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