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a first draft of a new webpage ...

Hi all,

There are many very nice web-pages at the skolelinux-wiki, and at several
other sites. A LOT of good work has been put into them.  Many of them look
nice and many of them are very helpful.

But the transition to the Debian-wiki (http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/)
has made one thing clear to me: There are no web page out there that
really _sell_ SkoleLinux, sell it to people who are unfamiliar with
Skolelinux and free software. This becomes all the more clear when the
DebianEdu Wiki is compared with the front page of Edubunu, see
http://www.edubuntu.org/  If there is one thing that SkoleLinux may learn
from Edubuntu, then it is branding and marketing.

The Wiki is a good thing in many ways, no doubt about that. But a page
that show the "diff" by means of "cryptic" code does not help a curious
headmaster at a school. The message is dangerous: If
"SkoleLinux-the-product" is as cryptic, strange and technical as
"SkoleLinux-the-web-page", then this is not anything that can be used in
an elemantary scholl, or at a high school.

Now, I am NOT going to argue for (yet) another publishing system! I am
going to argue in favour of a small set of easily accesible, nice-looking
web-pages that gives a first introduction to SkoleLinux.

Branding and marketing may become too slick, too glossy, and that may not
really sell Skolelinux. But I do think there is room for improvement. And
i imagine that a small number of introductory pages will be good, before
the curious surfer clicks him- or herself into the wiki.

Arguing the case in general is futile, of course. So in the name of
"do-ocracy", here is a first attempt, just to see what you think of it. I
am not a designer, just someone starting to learn CSS, and the lay out is
not unispired by Edubuntu. If it works, I'd like to continue the work.
Feedback of all kind welcome!


(the text, Kurt, is adapted, in all haste, from your recent flyer, and
slightly rewritten. Take it if you like it!)


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