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[D-I] Please update kernel udebs to 2.6.18-6 Arm bug-squashing status update backing up kernel and initramfs for future rescue use with upslug2 Re: Bug#394418: mono_1.1.18-3 (arm/unstable): FTBFS: SIGSEGV Bug#397616: /proc/cpu/alignment should default to warn and fixup on arm buildd failure of pdl on arm Re: chartres Re: Debian ARM on Gp2x? Debian Etch freeze... pkg-kde-extras implications Debian on sharp zaurus C1000/3200 debian-installer rc1 for NSLU2 available distcc Ericka wrote: failed kde-related packages flash of new debian installer rc1 on nslu2 only works one time?! gcc-h8300-hms (4.1.1-3): FTBFS on arm Re: How to enable usbfs on NSLU2 running Debian 2.6.15-1-nslu2 I have the same problem as this. I will try to send a syslog file to Martin. Intent to package libvorbisidec (aka "tremor") -- useful for FPU-less arm processors Re: Kernel and modules for NSLu2 Lorraine wrote: Martin Michlmayr - you rock :) Re: mono_1.1.18-3 (arm/unstable): FTBFS: SIGSEGV New buildd soon to be available New debian-ARM buildd available New ram on my nlsu2 nfsroot on wireless network. NSLU2 Debian - Which toolchain? Problems with install debian on NSLU2 RC1 issues on NSLU2 without a big enough swap partition: ssh killed, partman freezed Requeue of Octaviz Some buildds not building anything? success report, nslu2 The last update was on 06:04 GMT Tue Aug 20. There are 108 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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