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Re: Intent to package libvorbisidec (aka "tremor") -- useful for FPU-less arm processors

On 2006-11-23 01:15 -0500, Daniel Kahn Gillmor wrote:
> reopen 167464
> retitle 167464 ITP: libvorbisidec - Integer-only Ogg Vorbis decoder, AKA "tremor"
> thanks
> I would like to maintain libvorbisidec, the integer-math-only Ogg
> Vorbis decoder, also known as "tremor".

That sounds like a good thing.

> Because i'm not a full-fledged DD, i'll need a sponsor for this
> package to make it into debian.

I'll sponsor you. It'll take quite a while for the first iteration
whilst we check it, but once I know you are doing a reasonable job and
my scripts are set up it should be reasonably efficient. 

If anyone who is less snowed-under is keen to help then feel free.

> Note that i prefer the package name libvorbisidec (which is the name
> of the library itself) over its codename "tremor".  Also, i'm choosing
> to package the mainline trunk insted of the low-memory branch.

I don't know enough about this to disagree, but I will just observe
that I didn't recognise libvorbisidec (but assumed it was something
to do with vorbis), whereas I would know what tremor was. It does
match with the libvorbis alternative nicely. 

> In the same directory is a version of the cmus ncurses-based music
> player which has been rebuilt to use libvorbisidec instead of
> libvorbis (thanks to Felipe Sateler for pointing out that this package
> has a simple config option to use libvorbisidec).

Presumably the dependencies of packages depending on libvorbis should
be changed to be libvorbis | libvorbisidec in due course. 
> I've used cmus together with libvorbisidec on igor to play back ogg
> vorbis files in real time (with 50% idle CPU, comparable to libmad0
> playback of mp3's).  The ogg files were completely unplayable when
> cmus was compiled against the floating-point libvorbis.

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