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RC1 issues on NSLU2 without a big enough swap partition: ssh killed, partman freezed

I've encountered some issues with Debian Installer RC1 on a brand new
NSLU2, using a 1GB memory stick.

The first problem I ran into was ssh being killed by the OOM killer
while creating an ext3 filesystem on the memory stick, even if I
manually enabled an 80M swap partition before the fs creation step.

Re-logging through ssh I was unable to continue the installation because
partman freezed trying to run /lib/partman/init.d/35dump (progress bar
at 50%).

I don't know why, but it hanged doing:
 cd /var/lib/partman/devices/=dev=mtdblock0
 open_dialog DUMP

It was indeed able to do the same thing previously, before the murder of

I restarted the nslu2, created a larger swap partition (128M) and now
the installation is going on happily.

Note that askig the partitioner to choose the partitions' size by
itself, it creates a swap area of circa 80M, which as I mentioned
earlier is not enough to create a root fs and continue the installation.

It'd be a nice thing IMHO to inform the user about this problem,


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