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Re: NSLU2 Debian - Which toolchain?

Wookey schrieb:
On 2006-11-14 11:05 -0700, Gordon Farquharson wrote:
Which repository and/or packages/toolchain can I use to develop for the
NSLU2 platform on debian-386 (etch)?
Instructions that I use to build a cross-compilation toolchain are at


This works, but is very much the hard way of doing it. This work has
been done for you be emdebian.org, so all you have to do is add
emdebian.org to your sources list and apt-get install
(or g++-3.4-arm-linux-gnu or whatever you need).


wrj@myetch:~/src/cross-toolchain$ qemu-$ARCH ./hello
Hello cross-compiling world!

So I followed Wookeys hints and installed gcc-3.4-arm-linux-gnu (4.1 has unmet dependices) and now I'm really lucky that I can make programs for my slug. The Quemu is coool :-)

Thanks to all


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