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Re: New buildd soon to be available

On 2006-11-01 13:51 -0600, Bill Gatliff wrote:
> Guys:
> Tomorrow morning CST I will be installing a Thecus n2100 at my colo.  I 
> have purchased this machine with the intention of donating it to the 
> Debian Project to use as a buildd, developer machine, or in whatever 
> other capacity the Project deems useful.  The machine will be installed 
> alongside leisner, which will remain operational.

> It's a 600 MHz XScale 512MB SDRAM 250GB SATA box, with 10/100 internet 
> access.  I have tentatively named the box "hedges". 

Thanx for that Bill - a really fine contribution! As this is faster
than any of the existing buildds, and most importantly has more ram, I
suggest it is most useful as a new or replacement buildd, which can
preferentially be given big fat C++ packages to build. 

Once it is up, you should mail debian-admin@debian.org to ask for the
machine to be made a buildd. 

> I'll send the root login keys to Joey or whomever else is supposed to be 
> the DD admin for this box--- just let me know via private email.  (I'm 
> not a DD myself).

It may take a while for it to achieve buildd status so in the meantime
we can use it as a developer access machine. I'm happy to do admin on
it, as I have been for leisner. (copy the key from there).

> Comments, feedback, etc. is of course welcome.  I'm hoping that more and 
> better hardware will help break the "buildd logjam" I keep hearing so 
> much about.

It should do, although the buildds are largely  keeping up. It is
things like packges that time out during linking, fail to build on
128 or 256Mb machines that will benefit. Ther are plenty that simply
won't build on any buildd too, and thoswe simply need fixing. 

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