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Re: NSLU2 Debian - Which toolchain?


On 11/14/06, Wolf-Rüdiger Jürgens <wjuergens@t-online.de> wrote:

  - RTC - adding rtc_dev to /etc/modules resolved the problem of a
missing /dev/rtc0, but I must change the the symlink for the rtc helper
script from S05 to S49 (it was to early). After that the RTC is working
and debian can use it.

This problem has been fixed in the unstable version of nslu2-utils.

- Pressing the power button makes a restart not a halt.  No solution

Search for the words "power button" at


Which repository and/or packages/toolchain can I use to develop for the
NSLU2 platform on debian-386 (etch)?

Instructions that I use to build a cross-compilation toolchain are at


To start, I would like to put my hands on some small problems, like
making the leds and the buzzer working.

Install the nslu2-utils package from unstable (or wait until it
propagates into testing) and the beep package. nslu2-utils contains a
program called leds which allows you to control the leds and buzzer.
As I mentioned above, the version in unstable fixes all of the known


Gordon Farquharson

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