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Re: Martin Michlmayr - you rock :)

Andrew M.A. Cater wrote:


I've just flashed a Slug with the new 2.6.18-2-ixp400 with the new
free Ethernet drivers. The upgrade process from a Slug running sid
and kernel image 2.6.17-2 worked perfectly just as it should (once I'd removed the nslu2.conf file which was the contents within /etc/mkinitramfs)

The new kernel and initramfs were flashed by the postinst script in precisely the correct way. A shutdown -r resulted in a fully working NSLU2 with three working LED's - all green this time :)

Let's see. NSLU2. Thecus N2100. Netwinder. All with virtually flawless installs.

Remind me again why we're "second class citizens"?  :)


Bill Gatliff

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