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Re: backing up kernel and initramfs for future rescue use with upslug2

Hi Gordon--

On November 25, gordonfarquharson@gmail.com said:

> No, I sent an email to the package maintainer instead :-)

OK, good to know.  posting it as a bug as well would be helpful for
those of us who check these things before considering an upgrade.  i
know i'd be interested in the details.

> Yes. Just make sure that the version of the kernel that exists in
> the backup flash image still exists on the hard drive (although I
> suspect that if you did delete that version of the kernel, it
> wouldn't be fatal), i.e. don't dpkg [--deinstall | --purge]
> linux-image-2.6.17-2-ixp4xx until you have confirmed that the new
> kernel boots.

right.  As i understand it, filesystem presence of the modules for the
active kernel is probably the most important bit.  The kernel image
itself probably doesn't need to be there, so long as the bootloader
can get to it.


ok, i went ahead with the upgrade, after backing up the flash image
with cat.  For whatever reason, my NSLU2 now takes a little less than
1 hour for the network interface to come up.  It used to be on the
order of minutes. :/ This is the case with my 2.6.18-2-686 flashimages
as well as 2.6.18-3-686 flashimages (though i hadn't figured out how
to backup the flashimages back when i first switched over to 2.6.18,
so i no longer have a clean copy of that original boot initramfs --
there've been a lot of updates to the initramfs generation in the last
couple months, it seems).

since i don't have a serial line attached, i can't quite tell what's
making it take so long, unfortunately.  the syslog shows all "Mar 7
09:11:08" (give or take a handful of seconds) until ntpdate finally
kicks in, which of course doesn't happen until the NIC is actually up.

But it's running, at least.  And i can play music from it again.


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