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Arm bug-squashing status update

Thanx to everyone who has been working hard for the last 3 weeks to
reduce arm's embarassing bug-pile. We have made significant progress
in that now gnome is installable and we have at least some working
java (jikes+samblevm-classpath), and a better handle on remaining

This mail is primarily an excuse to say thank you to everyone who has
lent a hand - I was a bit concerned when things got off to a slow
start, but it's going well now. And also an opportunity to update
everyone with where we are at.

Lots of things have been binNMUed to fix assorted breakage, and requeued
which has caught up a big kde backlog and got various other things
built that had just broken due to missing deps. A couple of things
that were just timing out have been fixed too - thanx to elmo for
prompt buildd management this week.

As a result we are back up to 97% built, which is still last apart
from m68k, but definately looking better than it was. 

http://wiki.debian.org/ArmBuilddWatch remains the definitive place for
current status info, bugs, links and issues and has been assiduously
updated recently particularly by me, Aurelian Jarno, Paul Brook, Sune
Vuorela and Riku Voipio (47 revisions this month - thanx to all). Most
co-ordination is taking place on #debian-arm IRC channel on OFTC.

Java remains a problem, accounting for many of the remaining dep-wait
packages. Various people have loked at the gij-4.1 problem and run
away screaming but it does still need fixing. I'm not quite sure what
the current state of this is. Has anyone had any inspriation or made
any progress on this in the last 3 weeks? I know I don't know how to
fix it beyond hassling people cleverer than me :-) Anyone who sorts it
out will be worshipped as a genius (pb, I'm looking at you :-)

Or for a slightly easier approach angle try kaffe instead.

There are now only 3 uninstallable packages:
blitz++ 1:0.9-1 blitz++ (arm) uninstallable
pysvn 1.4.2+dfsg-0.1 python-svn (arm) uninstallable
quodlibet 0.23.1-1 quodlibet-ext (arm) uninstallable

Please take a look and see what is needed to fix them. 

And there are plenty of other packages which have bugs filed but still
actually need fixing: there are 11 listed on the above page, and no
doubt more that can be determined by looking at packages listed as
maybe-failed on

Of course almost all of the above has been concerned with building
things. I suspect there is huge room for checking things actually
_work_ on arm as well, if that sounds more like your area of expertise
than arguing with autoconf, gcc and buildds :-)

As has been mentioned in other mail there is a new fast open-access
machine donated by bill gatliff (it's great!). Until it gets
officially adopted contact me or bill for an account.

So, that's a reasonable summary of current status. Thanx again to all,
and let's see how much more we can get fixed in time for release. 

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