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Re: backing up kernel and initramfs for future rescue use with upslug2

> No, I sent a email to the package maintainer instead :-) He has fixed
> the problem in the repository version of nslu2-utils.

Do you know how many times I reflashed my (lovely new) nslu2 last week
and ran the Debian installer again to get back to a working system? A
lot, that's how many. (Yes, I was just about to make the same request
about how to backup the current flash image that I see has just been
made by someone else...)

So, a polite request: next time, would you mind putting up a bug
report so that people can have some warning that there might be a
problem? (OK, I should probably have posted to the list to enquire
earlier myself...)

As a side note on the RTC issues some people are seeing: I never
touched the linksys firmware, but flashed the Debian rc1 installer
(patched with the intel ethernet driver). Initially, I had the 'RTC
not running' problem, but it seems to have gone away, so something I
did must have kicked it into action. I did poke at it with "hwclock
--systohc" at some point: maybe that did something?

cheers, Phil

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