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Re: debian-installer rc1 for NSLU2 available

* Garth Dahlstrom <ironstorm@gmail.com> [2006-11-05 11:06]:
> When I hit power the first time (from off), my slug will start
> making some disk noise like it's loading...  it will do so for about
> 3 or 4 minutes, disk activity stops...  However the NIC will not
> start (slug doesn't ping)...   After 10 minutes I go over and hit
> power again (already on), more disk activity and after another 3
> minutes, the slug starts to respond to pings and eventually I can
> SSH in...

If this only happens the first time after upgrade, it means that
e2fsck got confused because your machine used to live in 1970 and now
suddenly has a working RTC, and therefore it checks your root

If this happens constantly, I'm not quite sure what might be wrong.
Martin Michlmayr

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