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Problems with install debian on NSLU2


I am trying to install debian 4.6.18 rc1,  the unofficial image, seen
on Martins homepage http://www.cyrius.com/debian/nslu2/install.html .

The installation fails with this message box:

[!!] Configure flash memory to boot the system
                                Installation step failed
  An installation step failed. You can try to run the failing item
again from the menu, or
  skip it and choose something else. The failing step is: Configure
flash memory to boot
  the system

HW: NSLU2 deunderclocked. No serial. Disk Maxtor 250 Gb.
root disk /dev/sda1 4Gb,
swap on /dev/sda5 800 Mb

I have kept the logs from the installation, but I dont know where to
store them.

Can anyone help ? please.

Best regards
Bengt Bolinder
bbolinder at gmail dot com

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