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New buildd soon to be available


Tomorrow morning CST I will be installing a Thecus n2100 at my colo. I have purchased this machine with the intention of donating it to the Debian Project to use as a buildd, developer machine, or in whatever other capacity the Project deems useful. The machine will be installed alongside leisner, which will remain operational.

It's a 600 MHz XScale 512MB SDRAM 250GB SATA box, with 10/100 internet access. I have tentatively named the box "hedges". It is currently running a 2.6.19-rc3 kernel and etch, installed with the assistance of lennert, DaKa, wookey and a few others. Thanks, guys! :)

I'll send the root login keys to Joey or whomever else is supposed to be the DD admin for this box--- just let me know via private email. (I'm not a DD myself).

Comments, feedback, etc. is of course welcome. I'm hoping that more and better hardware will help break the "buildd logjam" I keep hearing so much about.

Kindest regards.


Bill Gatliff

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