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6pre7v3 and run-parts: root and non-root about xfree-4 Re: Bug#117685: xpostit: reproducable segfaults can I get some feedback on -7pre8v1, please? compiling cvs xfree86 on sid Creator3D + X Dualhead ATI Radeon VE gdm blocking root login gpm and X Help me track down a color thief! How to debug kde not starting after apgrade to 4.1.0-6pre7v3 keymappings [ Ye old 'fixed' font bug -- solved?] libXxf86dga .. Missing fonts in Woody XFree86 need help with font problem in viewmol (boxes still... :( ) Neomagic NM 2200: X server terminates after initial screen Re: New ARM elfloader patch Re: New imake config causing problems Pax Displayicus Managerius, v2 Porting SAX2 proposed alt/meta change to /etc/X11/symbols/us PROPOSED: new package: xinit Regarding bug 114617 SID X problem small bug in 4.1.0-7 startup Upgrade from 4.1.0-7 to 4.1.0-7pre8v2 UTAH and WOODY problem wdm doesn't start up correctrly Re: What's the status on Xfree86 4.1.0? where are the lucida fonts? X11 problem xdmcp and "X terminals" xf86config has no German keyboard layout XFree-4.1 SID xfree86 4.1.0-8pre9v2 fixes some hppa problems XFree86 news; users of TESTING or UNSTABLE, PLEASE READ xlibs preinst script problem x-window manager does not run after upgrade The last update was on 13:16 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 157 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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