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Re: New ARM elfloader patch

pb@nexus.co.uk wrote:

In message <3BC35863.6050803@mit.edu>, Adam C Powell IV writes:

and 600a from debian/held-patches. No rocket science here, I just had to tweak it a bit to use the inx/outx prototypes from libc, specifically sys/io.h. The last two differ from what's there now only in line

Whoa, this is dangerous talk.  I think X and libc have differing views
on what order the parameters to outx() go in.  Extreme caution is
advisable if you are making changes in this area.

Hmm, the 600 patch in debian/held-patches specifically says:

   +/* for Linux on ARM, we use the LIBC inx/outx routines */
   +/* note that the appropriate setup via "ioperm" needs to be done */
   +/*  *before* any inx/outx is done. */
   +static __inline__ void
   +xf_outb(unsigned short port, unsigned char val)
   +    outb(val, port);

This is basically what I used in my 311 patch. So this inline routine reorders the parameters.

I can make you an account on one of the armlinux.org machines if you
want somewhere to build this stuff, just let me know.

Cool! I just realized there's one more thing I can try, so I'll do that and reply offline if it doesn't work.

Thanks much,

-Adam P.

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