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XFree86 news; users of TESTING or UNSTABLE, PLEASE READ

[Here are the latest news items from the X Strike Force webpage; see the URL in
my .signature.]

There is a small problem with a very obvious effect in XFree86 4.1.0-7.  It
consists of erroneous quoting of a shell variable in the file /etc/
X11/Xsession.d/99xfree86-common_start.  This problem was warned about shortly
after 4.1.0-7 was released on the debian-devel and debian-x mailing lists, but
apparently lots of people who use Debian's releases-in-preparation, testing
("woody") and unstable ("sid"), do not read these lists.  Also, many folks
apparently do not take advantage of the features of packages like reportbug, or
otherwise check_the_existing_list_of_bug_reports_against_a_package before
filing a new one.  Remember, as satisfying as expressing your anger,
frustration, and/or annoyance with a bug may be, filing additional reports just
forces the maintainer to spend time doing bug triage that could be spent
preparing a fixed package.  In this case, however, a preview of the next release
(XFree86 4.1.0-7pre8v1) is available for i386 in my repository.  If you're
already using either of these versions, I suggest reading the new Xsession
manpage, which I almost completely rewrote to properly document the new "run-
parts" approach to the Xsession.d directory.  Just man Xsession and you're good
to go.

In other news, automatic usage of xmodmap on X session startup is now
deprecated.  The main reason for this is that unpredictable things can happen if
both the system and the user are using Xmodmap files, and sometimes the user
doesn't even have to have one for the keyboard to get screwed up by unintended
side effects; if you want to use Xmodmap to prep the keyboard for use with the
xdm greeter (login widget) for instance, you may execute it in a file like
/etc/X11/xdm/Xsetup, but it will get run again when the session starts,
followed by a user's Xmodmap, for a total of three possible executions of
Xmodmap for a single X session.  Unless the files are carefully written, this
can cause the keyboard to behave strangely.  Therefore, on upgrading to 4.1.0- 7
or later, the files /etc/X11/Xsession.d/40xfree86-common_xmodmap and /etc/
X11/Xmodmap are no longer marked as conffiles, and are moved to /etc/X11/
Xsession.d/40xfree86-common_xmodmap.xfree86-common-old and /etc/X11/
Xmodmap.xbase-clients-old respectively, if they are unchanged from the version
last distributed as a conffile with the package.  This decision is made
separately for each file; if you've changed it, it doesn't get moved and stays
where it is, on the presumption that you're actively using this feature.  What
used to be /etc/X11/Xmodmap continues to be available, however, as /usr/share/
doc/xbase-clients/examples/Xmodmap, and the Xsession manual page describes how
to write a replacement for /etc/X11/Xsession.d/40xfree86-common_xmodmap.  Of
course, if you're upgrading, you can just move the -old versions of these files
back into place.  Be sure to give them different names, or change their contents
(say, by adding a comment), so that they aren't moved again on the next upgrade
of XFree86.

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