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need help with font problem in viewmol (boxes still... :( )

My package viewmol suffers from the boxes-instead-of-letters font problem.
The problem only appears in the toolkit widgets, the menus and file
selection boxes and suchlike.  Where viewmol writes its own text to screen
using the fonts it chose itself, that text appears, for instance in the
introductory screen on startup and in labels for atoms.  The viewmol font
references specify the charset (iso8859-1 or koi8), or use generic fonts
like fixed and variable. I filed bug #108280 to log the problem.

Now the menu is set in makemenu.c, via XmCreatePulldownMenu and other functions.
File selection is done via XmCreateFileSelectionDialog and other functions,
with help from XtAddCallback and other Xt functions.

I therefore supposed that Xm, which is provided by lesstif, must be the
cause of the problem.  The new FAQ entry in xfree86-common about this
problem says that the toolkits may come up against these font problems if
they do not specify the font charset.

Consequently I filed bug #117385 against lesstif1, but the lesstif
maintainer immediately closed it, saying that lesstif does not deal with
fonts at all (even though there several dozen references to XmFontList in

I am therefore at a lost to determine what the problem is with the viewmol
menu fonts.  Can you help me?

Is the lesstif maintainer correct in asserting that lesstif is not the
problem, that it does not deal with fonts?



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