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Re: xdmcp and "X terminals"

Hopes this helps:

   $ man Xserver
	  X servers that support XDMCP have the  following  options.
	  See  the  X Display Manager Control Protocol specification
	  for more information.

	  -query host-name
		  Enable XDMCP and send Query packets to the  speci­
		  fied host.

		  Enable  XDMCP and broadcast BroadcastQuery packets
		  to the network.  The first responding display man­
		  ager will be chosen for the session.



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From: Hugo van der Merwe <hugovdm@mail.com>
Subject: xdmcp and "X terminals"
Date: Sun, 21 Oct 2001 11:07:45 +0200

> I want to set up an old Pentium 120 as an X terminal, to log in remotely
> on my desktop. I have read some documentation, and figured out that one
> of the ?dm packages does the serving, but I cannot figure out what to do
> on the client to make it ask for a login with XDMCP. Can anyone point me
> in the direction of a package or some docs?
> Thanks,
> Hugo van der Merwe
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