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Porting SAX2

Is anyone willing to port SaX2 from SuSE to Debian? The software is
GPLed and is very popular for beginners. Since I don't see anything
comparable on Debian (*), we may port this.


(*) xf86cfg crashes on starting GUI, or when it starts though, it is
often unuseable when the mouse is not detected (the mouse emulation is
broken, IMO). "-textmode" has limited options, and no auto-detection
(config must be fixed manually). xf86config is okay, and the config is
mostly useable after editing one or two parts manually. All this is not
good for beginners, and since XF86Setup and anXious are gone, what
should they use?

(wir lernen: plug & pay heißt "das Teil ist so scheiße, daß nicht 
einmal wir noch eine Doku schreiben wollen")
                                             (Robin S. Socha in dcouln)

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