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How to debug


Since I set up a (terminal-) server for testing, there are really strange 
problems with X (or maybe the kernel). I'm using sid on this system in order 
to experiment with the newest features and kernel 2.4.10, the thin clients
use a nfs-rooted stripped down debian image (sid, kernel 2.4.12).

This is the phenomen: Thin Client and Server work well, then - randomly - with
a distance of a couple of days a single client looses its connection to the 
Xserver. It doesn't recognize this, so you can move the mouse cursor, but 
there's no interaction with the server anymore.
The thin client is up well and has nothing in the logs, connections with ssh 
are possible. The server says absolutely nothing in the logs, too. There 
seems to be a problem with its eepro NIC: "eth0: card reports no resources."

Question is how I can track this down. Is it X11, KDE, Kernel or NIC?

Any ideas on that?


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