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Re: New ARM elfloader patch

pb@nexus.co.uk  wrote:

In message <3BC5E8B9.7050705@mit.edu>, Adam C Powell IV writes:

Ah, yes. You're right. If I tell it 8-bit, then it gets past that, and gets signal 4 later, after setting up the mouse. Oh well. Config and log at the same place as last time. But yes, the ELF loader might just be working... :-)

Signal 4 is "illegal instruction", which unfortunately points the
finger of blame back at the loader.  The log on its own isn't
especially illuminating; can you run XFree86 under the debugger and
find out what instruction it's tripping up on?

Hmm. Must be an intermittent thing. I ran it in the debugger, and it came up just fine! Well, almost, the mouse was not happy, but that's because I was running gpm too. And the ctrl-alt commands didn't seem to work. With gpm turned off, startx ran perfectly! Well, slow as anything because of all the debugging info it's generating (though according to top, it uses 98% of CPU, so it's not a disk issue), it takes 3-4 minutes to start!

Okay, out of six attempts, it has signal 4'd twice, one of those with gpm off. I'm afraid I've run out of time to work on this, I guess a few more runs under the debugger would do it.

But in the meantime... I can log in via gdm, and run GNOME and Enlightenment, with ripples, and transparent gnome-terminal, and alpha-blended icons, and, and, it's so beautiful! Eight-bit color isn't the greatest, but, well, I'm pretty happy. Once the server is up, it seems pretty stable (okay, so I've just tested it for 30 minutes :-).

I've moved the packages to http://lyre.mit.edu/~powell/debs/ for others to help test, and just share and enjoy! I'm short of time for the next couple of weeks, so it will be a while before I can work on this again.


-Adam P.

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