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Re: PROPOSED: new package: xinit

I tend to be skeptical of new packages like this--X has already gotten
to the point where it takes a fairly skilled user to figure out what are
the packages and whether they're important. More importantly, even
startx/xinit aren't strictly required to run X, are they? IOW, there's
no clear line that suggests why these programs are required and others
shouldn't be. If you need a really, really, really stripped down system
you don't need even that much, and for more realistic systems I'm not
sure there's *that much* added bulk. 

A more interesting question might be whether xauth should move. There
are cases where you might want that and never run X locally (e.g., ssh.)
The current state of affairs requires a lot of additional crap to be
pulled in, which kinda negates the purpose of the minimal xlib policy
(perhaps xauth belongs there, with the xlibs?). But ISTR you didn't want
to talk about other options. :)

Mike Stone

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