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Re: about xfree-4

In article <000b01c15030$051e2b00$5fb8aad4@a0h6h5> you write:
>I have just install debian xfree4 but I have a problem I don't have the =
>configuration program XF86Config-4. Anyway I think it is correctly =
>installed because when I run xf86cfg it appears the x-window enviroment, =
>but the problem is that I can not do anything there because I have just =
>configured the video card, not even the mouse. Does anybody know other =
>way of configuring xfree-4? or can anybody help me with some tip?

I just got through doing this...

xf86cfg will create ~/XF86Config

Exit it with ctrl-alt-backspace if you can't get the numeric pad
pseudo-mouse to work.  (Hint: ignore button1-3, use click etc.)

Fix the mouse settings with an editor.  (For me, its /dev/gpmdata and mouse
type IMPS/2)

You should now be able to run xf86cfg with the -xf86config option and have
the mouse work.

After you are happy with the settings, save them and copy it to 

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