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Help me track down a color thief!


I'm running a machine at work where the video memory is pretty much
stretched to the limit: A 2Mb Matrox Mystique to drive a 1600x1200 display.
I have to use 8bpp, of course.

I recently brought this machine from potato up to woody, and sometime ...
it didn't seem to be directly associated with an upgrade, just restarting X
... my colormap became so sparse as to be almost unusable.

The fvwm pager in the lower-right-hand corner cannot allocate its default
background SlateBlue4, and appears black.  I've changed everything to
white-on-black ... I had been sharing the same 6 or 7 colors in all my
apps, but now even that seems to overload the system.

After my x session has been going for a little while, I can no longer see
the directories when I do a color ls ...

I have switched back and forth between X3 and X4 drivers, tried all the
options I could find on the XFree86 web page to specify in my XF86Config
(-4) file, and I've been reading all the man pages and looking at all the
startup files; but the problem still eludes me.

What happened?  How can I fix it?

Any help would be extremely appreciated!

Forrest Cahoon
not speaking for merrill corporation

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