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Re: Dualhead ATI Radeon VE

On Mon, 22 Oct 2001, Edward C. Lang wrote:

>> > So I make that change, and now I see:
>> > 
>> > Fatal Server error:
>> > Requested Entity already in use!
>> > 
>> > I assume that's a driver issue, and not resolvable by simple configuration 
>> > file changes?
>> Is the 4.1.0 driver even supposed to support dualhead on these chips?
>> Maybe the current CVS driver does, you may want to ask on the
>> Xpert@XFree86.Org list.
>Well... looking at the driver source[0], I see the following comment:
> /* Xinerama has sync problem with DRI, disable it for now */
>                if(xf86IsEntityShared(pScrn->entityList[0]))
>                {
>                    info->directRenderingEnabled = FALSE;
>                    xf86DrvMsg(scrnIndex, X_WARNING,
>                        "Direct Rendering Disabled -- "
>                        "Dual-head configuration is not working with DRI "
>                        "at present.\nPlease use only one Device/Screen "
>                        "section in your XFConfig file.\n");
>                }
>So maybe I'll try a kernel with no DRI support. But that's going to suck in
>different ways.

Why change your kernel, when you can just disable DRI in the 
config file?  Or better yet, just leave it alone and let the 
above code fragment do it for you.  ;o)

One point to mention though is that the comment that is displayed 
mentions "XFConfig" file of which their is no such thing.  Typo.

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