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Re: RFS: sanduhr (restoring removed package) RFS: scim-array RFS: scolily RFS: sshfp - DNS SSHFP records generator RFS: steam-powered [RFS] stunnel4 (updated package) [RFS] stunnel4 (updated package, adoption, RFS repost) RFS: tagtool RFS: teamspeak-server (updated package) [SECURITY] RFS: tesseract RFS: tesseract (updated package) Re: RFS: typo3-src and typo3-dummy (updated packages) RFS: ufiformat RFS: vegastrike-data (updated package) RFS: vegastrike (updated package) RFS: vsdump (updated package) RFS: wmmemload (updated package) RFS: xawtv (updated package) RFS: xrdp (updated package) RFS: xvattr RFS: yum-metadata-parser RFS: yum-metadata-parser (updated package) RHS: libnet-tftp-ruby RHS: libterm-ansicolor-ruby signing packages from a different machine Skipping version numbers in adopted packages [solved] Merging tag and trunk in a SVN repository. Re: Sponsor Checklist Statically linked libraries... stripping by upstream Suggests vs. Recommends The support e-mail isn't working... takeover (Re: RFS: gscan2pdf (updated package)) tango package unable to build gdb from source Uploaded (Re: RFS: qterm) using boost headers what is a suitable crypto key for a developer? The last update was on 16:58 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 646 messages. Page 2 of 2.

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