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Re: RFS: sshfp - DNS SSHFP records generator

Hi Joerg,

Le jeudi 09 août 2007 à 16:32 +0200, Joerg Jaspert a écrit :
> On 11106 March 1977, Julien Valroff wrote:
> > sshfp      - DNS SSHFP records generator
> Whats the usage for the package that you can get by simply using
> ssh-keygen?
> ssh-keygen -r host.name [-f keyfile] [-g]
> see man ssh-keygen

As explained in the ITP, it does basically the same, except that
ssh-keygen is limited as it can only read entries from a key file. sshfp
can read keys from a known_hosts file or use ssh-keyscan to retrieve
public keys.

It has also some more advanced features, like 'sshfp -s -a domain.com'
which can retrieves all host keys from a given domain.


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