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Re: RFS: qttube

Siegfried-Angel <siggi.gevatter@gmail.com> wrote:

> Sorry, the files had wrong versioning (-0ubuntu1) and I corrected
> that. You can dget it from here now:
> http://mentors.debian.net/debian/pool/main/q/qttube/qttube_0.2~pre1-1.dsc


> 2007/8/8, Florent Rougon <f.rougon@free.fr>:
>> Maybe your qttube.post{inst,rm} are missing the #DEBHELPER# line?
> If it isn't clear in my last message, it's debhelper who generates
> that files during the build.

No, I wrote qttube.post{inst,rm}, not qttube.post{inst,rm}.debhelper,
and I meant it.

You're missing these files in the .deb. Check with mc (simply hit Enter
on the .deb and have a look at what is shipped there). The reason is
most probably because you're not using dh_installdeb.

Apart from that, your packaging looks quite broken to me (sorry for
being blunt, don't take it bad---everyone has to learn one day or the

The most broken thing is that your binary package is arch: any, whereas
it should be "arch: all" since Python code runs on all platforms and
doesn't need to be compiled specifically for each platform.

Next, I'd say the way you call the main python module is wrong:

,----[ /usr/bin/qttube ]
| #! /bin/sh
| cd /usr/share/qttube/src
| python ./qttube.py "$*"

IMHO, /usr/bin/qttube should be something like that:

| #! /usr/bin/python
| # Maybe fiddle here with sys.path to have your private python modules
| # available to "import".
| import <qttube_main_module>
| <qttube_main_module>.run()

I see you're calling dh_pysupport in binary-indep, but AFAICS, this
currently does absolutely nothing to your .deb file. I think you're
misusing dh_pysupport ATM.

Also, your rules file contains way too much stuff from the dh_make
template, such as the useless configure* targets. You should understand
it fully and only let what is useful.

I suggest to:
  - read documentation on dh_pysupport;
  - look at other packages in the archive that are using it;
  - and then kindly ask on debian-python for someone to check your
    packaging (I personally have not yet packaged anything in Python
    with the "new" Python Policy, so I couldn't help much here).



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