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Re: Suggests vs. Recommends

On Fri, 03 Aug 2007, Benjamin Mesing wrote:
> As for 'packagesearch', even if no additional package is installed,
> there is always the full text search available - so the package by
> itself is useful. Thus there is no need to *Depends:* on deborphan
> or apt-file. Also, I could imagine a 'usual' installation (compare
> [2#Recommends]) without those packages installed, so this would hint
> for *Suggests:*.

That's pretty much the judgement call that has to be made.

In the default case where someone has installed packagesearch, would
they expect the file search and/or orphaned package plugins to work?

You get to make a judgement one way or the other; if a significant
population of your users complain that the Recommends: isn't necessary
(or vice versa, that they expected the functionality not present
because you made it a Suggests:) then you know that you should switch

Don Armstrong

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