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Re: RFS: steam-powered

> So you think having it debian native is a good thing?

sure, why not?  the guts of the program are so simple that i don't
think it would really be that useful to set up a website or svn.  in a
sense www.steampowered.com perhaps should be considered the upsteam?
this package is just a wrapper to make steam install and work on
debian rather than windows.

>  Won't these package names get us into trademark issues?

the term counter-strike refers to Valve's actual counter-strike game,
so there is no misrepresentation, which is what trademark law is meant
to protect.  besides there are things like the doom, quake2, etc
packages that illustrate that this is ok.  iceweasel came about
because the firefox package was a misrepresentation of firefox
according the mozilla people because parts of the code were changed
that they didn't want.  with this package, the game itself is in no
way modified.

> I'm unsure if this is a too good idea - and it would require someone having the
> original games, otherwise they won't be able to sponsor it.

steam is downloadable for free, and as long as steam works, the games
will work.  the games are launched using command-line arguments to the
steam.exe executable.  for example, counter-strike is launched via
"wine steam.exe -applaunch 10", where 10 is the app number for
counter-strike.  if the user doesn't own the game when it is launched
like this, steam will bring up the page for the user to purchase it.
take a look at the scripts, they're very simple and straightforward


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