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Re: Suggests vs. Recommends

On Fri, 03 Aug 2007 22:16:35 +0200, Benjamin Mesing <ben-ml@gmx.net> said: 

> Hello, the latest message on debian-devel-announce made me rethink my
> decision for the dependencies for my package 'packagesearch'.

> Having read the policy again and again and also through the recent
> debian-devel thread [1], I am not sure whether to use *Recommends* or
> *Suggests*.

> 'packagesearch' is a package which uses a plugin architecture. Each
> plugin provides a way to search for packages, e.g. doing a full text
> search, searching by filenames or orphaned packages. All plugins are
> shipped together with the main application in a single
> package. However, most of the plugins require some additional packages
> to work (e.g.  apt-file or deborphan). If the packages are not
> available, the plugin will detect that, inform the user how he could
> install the package and disable itself.

        I would do this on a case by case basis: recommend some of the
 core plugins that do not need additional packages, so that the
 framework normally ships with some plugins that work, but even those
 can be removed without removing the framework; and suggesting the other
 plugins, so people know about them.

        All plugins, of course, depend on the framework.

        This seems the best way to ship stuff that would, under normal
 circumstances, still provide functionality out of the box; and yet
 allow the local admin to pick and choose the plugins they want

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