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Re: RFS: xrdp (updated package)

OoO Vers  la fin de l'après-midi  du dimanche 05 août  2007, vers 16:49,
Christoph Haas <haas@debian.org> disait:

>> >> I am looking for a sponsor for the new version 0.4.0~dfsg-3
>> >> of my package "xrdp".
>> > Nice, I didn't even realize that such a software exists.
>> > I can connect to sesman but then when a connection to port 5910 is
>> > requested I get "error - problem connecting". I'm a xrdp noob and just
>> > tried connecting to my running session with krdc and rdesktop. There
>> > isn't much information shipping with the package like a README.Debian.
>> 5910 is port  for VNC. I suppose  that you did not install  a VNC server
>> (this is only a recommends because you could use a distant one).
>> In fact, xrdp connects itself  to sesman which checks credential, spawns
>> a VNC server and gives back the  port to xrdp to allow him to attach its
>> display to it.

> Actually my KDE (kded) runs a VNC server on port 5900. Perhaps that
> would work, too. But in this case I installed a tightvncserver and it
> worked like expected.

If  you  want  to connect  to  it,  you  can  choose another  method  in
xrdp. Chooses vnc-any in the drop-down menu.

> Btw, the man page reads:

>     ${XRDP_BIN_DIR}/xrdp
>     ${XRDP_CFG_DIR}/xrdp.ini
>     ${XRDP_LOG_DIR}/xrdp.log
>     ${XRDP_PID_DIR}/xrdp.pid

> Could you fix that so that Debian users know where these files are?

OK, I have fixed this. The URL is unchanged.
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