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Re: Suggests vs. Recommends


> > 'packagesearch' is a package which uses a plugin architecture. Each
> > plugin provides a way to search for packages, e.g. doing a full text
> > search, searching by filenames or orphaned packages. All plugins are
> > shipped together with the main application in a single
> > package. However, most of the plugins require some additional packages
> > to work (e.g.  apt-file or deborphan). If the packages are not
> > available, the plugin will detect that, inform the user how he could
> > install the package and disable itself.
>         I would do this on a case by case basis: recommend some of the
>  core plugins that do not need additional packages, so that the
>  framework normally ships with some plugins that work, but even those
>  can be removed without removing the framework; and suggesting the other
>  plugins, so people know about them.

That sounds like a reasonable policy for plugin packages to me. It's
actually what a lot of totally plugin based software does. I will use
that approach for packagesearch.

I believe the use of virtual packages is not exactly the most popular
thing to do. I remember being advised against it once. Also I don't want
the overhead of splitting up the package just yet - there is not much
gain coming from that.

Thanks to all for the suggestions.

Best Regards


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