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Re: RFS: sanduhr (restoring removed package)

scripsit Holger Levsen:
> I was thinking of adopting the package too (and am now very happy you
> did), 

Thanks.  It's such a cool little utility I was sad to see it go...

> I would like to share my todo-notes with you:
> 1. sanduhr doesnt support corba anymore - please update the help text
> (upstream issue really) and debian/control
> 2. please document "-t steel"

I'll work on these.  Since I'm new to this, I figure I should do the
process properly.  Would you be so kind as to file bugs on those two
once the package hits unstable (with me as maintainer)?  That way I can
get experience with the process of getting bug reports, fixing, closing,
etc.  (I know it's not exactly complicated or confusing... but practice
is still a good thing.)

> 	Holger (sanduhr-user not running popcon on that machine)


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