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Re: what is a suitable crypto key for a developer?

"andremachado" <andremachado@techforce.com.br> wrote in message [🔎] 1b9070272e29d76bbf25b87937c84457@localhost">news:[🔎] 1b9070272e29d76bbf25b87937c84457@localhost...
I read the pages at[0], [1], [2], [3], [4] but did not find a suitable guide /
recommendation for non-english characters.
Are foreign (UTF-8) characters accepted into the uid of a key?
My uid has a "é" letter and I am not sure if it will cause trouble.
Should I use a "e" letter instead, despite not being my actual name?
André Felipe Machado

Yes you may use the UTF-8 character. As per the relevent standard (current draft)

#5.11. User ID Packet (Tag 13)
#    A User ID packet consists of UTF-8 text that is intended to
#    represent the name and email address of the key holder. By
#    convention, it includes an RFC 2822 mail name-addr, but there are no
#    restrictions on its content. The packet length in the header
#    specifies the length of the User ID.

If you use GPG to generate the key, then all should be fine. Please folow the normal UID format
(Which GPG will enforce, by default, unless you explicitly override it).

If you find that anything breaks due to the UTF-8 encoding, please let us know, as it is a bug. However, other Developers have used UTF-8 in the User ID without problem, so this is unlikely.

Disclamer: IANAL. IANADD. This is not an official policy statement.

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