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Re: Sponsor Checklist

On 11097 March 1977, Russ Allbery wrote:

>> "Binary foo is linked with version 1 and 2 of libfoobar" is something
>> lintian doesnt get, AFAIK.
> What I believe linda is actually finding is that the binary is linked with
> version 2 of libfoobar and also linked to another library which is itself
> linked to version 1 of libfoobar.


> I'm not sure how well linda really does with checking this.  I'm fairly
> sure that you have to have all of the dependencies of the package
> installed on the system for this check to work, so the output of this
> check will change depending on what packages you have installed.

I dont know, it may well be that the stuff is installed on ries, but I
doubt that for every such message Ive seen in the past. But I also dont
know how its technically done (and nevered bothered to look it up), so I
may be wrong.

bye Joerg
(13:24) <Aquariophile> ist iptables eigentlich nur ein tool zum
        verhindern von aussenkonnecti,erungen auf gewissen ports oder ist
        iptables eine firewall?
(13:27) <maxx> ist ein packet filter
(13:27) <Aquariophile> maxx: also der verhindert pings?

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