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Announcement: Unofficial apt repository of KDE packages built with debugging support Any kde app to make backups? Anyone else getting frequent Konqueror segfaults? automake error Cannot download Konstruct Contact details for Rebuilding Iraq Re: Couldn't find MIME type application/octet-stream Re: Debian and ArkLinux Delete Attachments in KMail displaying a page's encoding in konqueror? Distributionlists in kaddressbook Email syntax file for kwrite? Re: Enterprise Wishlists... FAM running amok Finding the owner of a session fonts in gtk applications under kde forgot password in Kmail Re: forgot password in Kmail : [solved] A funny website Have you looked at kio-apt? installing QT3* in stable 3.0_r1 Is KDE 3.2 Any Faster ? ITP: konversation -- User friendly Internet Relay Chat client for KDE (fwd) Re: ITP: konversation -- User friendly Internet Relay Chat client for KDE (fwd) k3b & kernel 2.6 kaddressbook and distributionslist kaudiocreator questions KControl without Keyboard KDE 3.1.4 and Libsdl dependency bug report -- who do I send this too? KDE 3.1.4 arts alsa problem KDE 3.1.4 kdesktop crash and restart KDE 3.2 Beta 2: any repository known? Fwd: KDE and Debian proposal KDE Debian SOHO GNU/Linux brainstorming kdegraphics cannot find imlib KDE in sid KDE keyboard layout Re: kde, language, and openoffice? kdelibs compile crashes - dependency on Xinerama_pic kdesktop_lock login screen on background KDE slow startup Re: kdevelop3 deb packages kdm & X Problem kio-audiocd liblame problem solved? Kmail and spell checking kmail (kde 3.1.2) & procmail kmail on_open focus to inbox on imapserver Kmix 3.1.2 on SID doesn't work when using alsa. koctave compile from source=> qt files missing konqueror and plugins Konqueror hang on printing Kopete: sending messages kscd without lookup bug? Latest kdevelop3 broken Need a sponsor for my konversation package A new game new k3b package No dead keys Re: No dead keys (still) (no subject) Nspluginviewer crashes (flash) prelinking KDE? Problems upgrading to KDE3 Reason for mix of 3.1.3 and 3.1.4 RFC: Create d-user-woody, d-user-sarge maillists, deactivate d-user Ruined KDE Install Re: Scope of this list ? Re: Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender unsubscribe unsubscribe Updating kdm Using Konstruct to Just Download All Required Files What's the deal with kmultimedia Woody packages for 3.2? [Re: kmail on_open focus to inbox on imapserver] The last update was on 17:43 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 258 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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