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Re: kmail on_open focus to inbox on imapserver

On Sunday December 21 2003 6:14 pm, Matej Cepl wrote:
> On Saturday 20 of December 2003 12:39, Ralph Paßgang wrote:
> > If you can't wait, you can compile KDE 3.1.94 on you own.
> My problem is that KDE 3.2 needs gcc 3+ and I do not want to
> upgrade compiler. Probably rather switch to testing ...

Actually it does not.  I have been compiling HEAD for quite a while now 
with gcc 2.95 and woody, with some other necessary backported packages.
Not saying there isn't work to be done if you go this route, but it can 
be done.  

Of course the build depends in debian/control will need to be adjusted 
when/if you do this.
all the best,

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