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Re: kdelibs compile crashes - dependency on Xinerama_pic

On Mon, Dec 08, 2003 at 02:23:21PM +0800, Cameron Patrick wrote:
> On Mon, Dec 08, 2003 at 11:10:54AM +0500, John Bro wrote:
> | It STILL fails due to a dependency on Xinerama_pic.
> Actually I think I know what's cuasing this.  You need to have xlibs-pic
> installed.  I'd've thought that kdelibs would build-depend on this, but
> it doesn't seem to.  (This is an FTBFS bug, right?)

libqt3-mt-dev depends on xlibs-pic so kdelibs just pulls it in via that.


ccheney@calc:~$ dpkg -p libqt3-mt-dev
Package: libqt3-mt-dev
Priority: optional
Section: libdevel
Installed-Size: 160
Maintainer: Martin Loschwitz <madkiss@debian.org>
Architecture: i386
Source: qt-x11-free
Version: 3:3.2.1-6
Replaces: libqt-mt-dev, libqt3-dev (>= 3.0.5-4), libqt3-helper, libqt3-headers (<= 3:3.1.1-3)
Depends: xlibs-dev (>= 4.2.1), libmng-dev (>= 1.0.3), libpng12-0-dev, libjpeg62-dev, zlib1g-dev, libfreetype6-dev, libc6-dev, libqt3c102-mt (= 3:3.2.1-6), libqt3-headers (= 3:3.2.1-6), qt3-dev-tools (= 3:3.2.1-6), xlibmesa-gl-dev | libgl-dev, xlibmesa-glu-dev | libglu1-mesa-dev | libglu-dev, libxft2-dev, libxrender-dev, libxcursor-dev, libaudio-dev, xlibs-pic
Recommends: libqt3-compat-headers
Suggests: libqt3-i18n, qt3-doc
Conflicts: libqt-mt-dev
Filename: pool/main/q/qt-x11-free/libqt3-mt-dev_3.2.1-6_i386.deb
Size: 38994
MD5sum: 93981ef0659a6d63b6806545af7f6ec6
Description: Qt development files (Threaded)
 Qt is a C++ class library optimized for graphical user interface
 development. This package contains the libqt-mt.so symlink, necessary
 for building threaded Qt applications as well as the libqui.so symlink
 and the necessary header files for libqui.so. (See README.Debian and
 the Qt Documentation for instructions on libqui.so)
 WARNING: If you plan to build some older Qt3 applications, you will
 most probably have to install the libqt3-compat-headers package. It
 contains all the headers which are not part of the official Qt3 API
 anymore but which are still used by some programs. So if you encounter
 problems with missing header files, please install this package first
 before you send a bugreport.

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