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+kbsd or no +kbsd 24 lines terminal [MailServer Notification] Attention ! Virus detecté ! [PATCH] eepro100.c on Thinkpad T30 apt-cdrom add with K5 CDs problems Re: Bug#256669: e2fsprogs: FTBFS(hurd-i386): uses undefined struct sockaddr_dl Check out my free webcam today only :) Friend, Copy DVDs to CD-R with a CD Burner... GNU/Hurd boot problem gnumach nic update compile error (was: K7 Disc) gnumach nic update compile still error Re: gnumach nic update compile still error (SOLVED) hand appeared by this Hep required Hurd IRC on freenode I need some help!!! I think I want to help Important News From Emery installation experiences (was: Testers wanted: New installation method) is anyone working on PCMCIA Fwd: ITP: libsem -- Portable, pthread-based semaphore library K7 baseGNU Re: K7 discs libfam Fwd: libsem_0.0.1-2_hurd-i386.changes ACCEPTED libtiff3g has disappeared pre1v3.1 & pre1v5 packages problems installing hurd from k6 Re: Problems with LAN card put "hog". Signed -- remember our summer? sildenafil cit.rate tablets are just $4.35 per 100mg tablet here supported hardware Sysv init and dependency resolution Testers wanted: New installation method Thank you for your inquiry. An Enddo representative will contact you soon. there was also some Trying out HURD unofficial hurd package with keyboard/mouse repeater unsubscribe updates vim and mutt Re: Warning For Unsolicited Mail what are the K6 CDs? What's l4ka project? When Re-fi-nance makes sense Where can I get Debian GNU/Hurd on L4 ? Why not The last update was on 22:04 GMT Wed Jun 19. There are 170 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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