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Re: Bug#256669: e2fsprogs: FTBFS(hurd-i386): uses undefined struct sockaddr_dl

Theodore Ts'o wrote:
We do try using SIOCGIFWHADDR; but it's not being defined apparently
given the header files we're including.
If you could take a look at gen_uuid.c (attached) and tell me what I'm
doing wrong for the Hurd.

AF_LINK is defined unconditionally in glibc, along with all other address/protocol families (libc/sysdeps/generic/bits/socket.h is used). If generic defines all possible address families, I conclude that defined AF_LINK doesn't mean that it's implemented.

So it's best if you have configure check whether struct sockaddr_dl is defined, instead of checking for AF_LINK. Perhaps AC_CHECK_TYPE?


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