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unofficial hurd package with keyboard/mouse repeater


I just found out that I had actually uploaded the test Hurd package I
did last week to


This is the changelog:

   * debian/local/rc: Removed.
   * debian/patches/rc.patch: New file. (Closes: #254147)
   * debian/hurd.install: Install tmp/libexec/rc.
   * debian/patches/console_repeater.diff: New patch by Marco Gerards.
   * debian/patches/libcons_repeater.diff: New patch by Marco Gerards.
   * Rebuilt against glibc_2.3.2.ds1-16.

(actually, there are two more patches included, netfs_io_select.diff and
netfs_nonblock.diff, which are needed to get the mouse/keyboard
translator to work with X11. I forgot to mention them in the changelog)

It fixes the '/libexec/rc is not executable' bug, but not the '/bin/login
is not suid' bug. Also it is built against glibc-2.3.2, so I'd be
interested whether people still see the linkref problem (running 
'ls -lR /' resulting in some files having insane link count references,

-rwsr-xr-x  634391 root root 35512 Jul 27 16:39 /bin/login

(You need coreutils-5.2.1 in order to have a chance to see this bug,


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