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Re: Bug#256669: e2fsprogs: FTBFS(hurd-i386): uses undefined struct sockaddr_dl

Göran Weinholt <weinholt@debian.org> writes:

>> This seems to be because the hurd defines AF_LINK without defining
>> struck sockaddr_dl.  The sockaddr_dl/AF_LINK code was added to support
>> grabbing the local MAC of an local ethernet interface for
>> MacOS/Darwin.  Apparently the Hurd doesn't provide SIOCGIFHWADDR or
>> SIOCGENADDR either, which are other ways of obtaining the local MAC
>> address. 
>> Can you tell me how to extract the local MAC address of an ethernet
>> interface on the Hurd?
> Sorry, I've tried and failed. I'm Cc'ing debian-hurd hoping someone
> there knows how to do it.

It should not be hard to add SIOCGIFHWADDR if it is really important.
Just have a look at hurd/iioctl.defs and pfinet/iioctl-ops.c in the
Hurd sourcecode.

I am currently porting the rtnetlink stuff of linux to the Hurd.
Perhaps you can get the hardware address by using rtnetlink.

Why do you need the MAC address for something like e2fsprogs?


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