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Trying out HURD


I'd like to try out HURD on my system at home. 

I checked out the Debian HURD-cd pages
(http://www.debian.org/ports/hurd/hurd-cd) and figure that if I download
the K5 ISO images from http://eu.hurd.gnuab.org/pub/debian-cd/K5/, I can
install HURD using that. However, while snooping around the other
directories on that site, I also notice a directory for K6
(http://eu.hurd.gnuab.org/pub/debian-cd/K6/) which surprisingly contains
only a very small ISO file. The K5 directory contains some 4 HUGE ISO
files, while the K6 directory contains just one small ISO file. And now
when I join this list, I also find a mention of K7. 

So am wondering ... what should I download to get started on HURD? Could
someone point me to the correct versions and sites? 

Rakhesh :)

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