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Sysv init and dependency resolution

Using ftp.debian.org and ftp.gnuab.org as sources, I dist-upgraded my
Hurd installation.

Neato!  I thought ...

Now, whenever I try to use a net tool (apt-get, ping) I simply get the
response "Killed" at the bash prompt.  (Note the capital "k".)

The pfinet process is alive and well, and showtrans shows all the
expected information.  Other tools (e.g. contents of fileutils,
coreutils) work fine.  Everything works fine except net connectivity.

I noticed (on this list IIRC) that some kfreeBSD packages had
infiltrated the Hurd on Debian.  I grepped dpkg -l and found a sysvinit
from kfreeBSD.

In attempting to remove this I have run into a dependency-hell issue.

On this list I read that sysvinit, sysv-rc and initscripts are unneeded
by the Hurd.  But the hurd deb requires sysc-rc (IIRC).  What's going on

So I suppose I have two questions:

(1) Any clues about the "Killed" response to attempts to use ping?
(2) Does the sysv trio (initscripts, rc  and sysvinit) need to be
installed or not?



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