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Re: I think I want to help

arief# wrote:
Being unable to access anon-CVS from office (or other net access beside
http and ftp),

You can tunnel ssh through http.
Google for "ProxyCommand http" or use
Corckscrew http://www.agroman.net/corkscrew/

 > With these restrictions:
1. I only have ftp and http access to the net (office policy)

That's a reason but no hindrance... (Translation of local saying)

4. Heck, I don't even own a computer now (this T30 is from my office)

But you have one and installed the Hurd on it...?

Question to people with more sight of future: Is there any chance of a next release with Mach? I often read, there will be a release when it's ready. Are there any precise requirements for release other than the Task in the Hurd TODO? I expect the GNUMach TODO not be be completely done at any time though, of course no big feature ads.
In other words: Do we have hopes for a release before L4/Hurd?


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