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Re: I need some help!!!

On Sat, Aug 07, 2004 at 06:12:12PM -0300, João Júlio Salvatti Neto wrote:
>    I need some help about Debian/GNU Hurd. Can anyone help me, please?
> First, I want to know what mechanism I can use to configure my PS/2
> keyboard and mouse. 

What exactly do you want to configure? The Mach console? The Hurd
console? XFree86? Does it work at all? Do you want to change the
keyboard layout.

> I also want to know a method which i could use to see the configured
> network interfaces, something like ifconfig in Debian GNU/Linux, and
> something like netstat, that could show me the Active internet
> connections (server and established).

Well, there is not much to configure right now with respect to network
interfaces, so just pinging your gateway should give you solid evidence
whether your network works or not.


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