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Re: I think I want to help

   If a person (a novice, no one reading this should assume there will
   one day be any useful result from my intention to try this)
   intended to attempt a powerpc port of hurd would he be better off
   working with L4, OSKIT-Mach, Mach 1.3, or OSF Mach (ie looking at
   Peter Bruin's work) as the kernel?

Pick what will require the smallest amount of time to port and get
working.  L4 falls out since the Hurd doesn't run on it yet, GNU Mach
1.x and 2.x, and OSF Mach are essentially the same, so picking either
of them will do I guess.  Maybe OSF Mach will be a better choice since
Peter Bruin has already done some work.

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